To our valued patients, health is of the utmost importance and we hope you are all staying safe during this time of uncertainty. The safety of our patients and staff will remain top priority.
We want to assure our patients, that we have implemented the highest level of infection control for all communicable diseases, including COVID-19. We want to inform you of the changes we are implementing in our office.

  1. SCREENING PATIENTS: We are screening patients before we make an appointment. If you feel ill, experience any influenza or cold-like symptoms or believe you have been exposed to COVID-19 through travel or within the community, we ask that you kindly reschedule your appointment to a later date.
  2. Enhanced operatory disinfection procedures before and after all appointments with ULV Fogger with HOCL at 200PPM. HOCL is being used by hospitals and health care facilities, airline industry, and many others as a highly effective disinfectant. It helps disinfect hard to reach places. HOCl is an effective disinfectant, currently on the EPA list as effective against the human coronavirus , it was previously used against SARS and EBOLA.
  3. HEPA FILTERS: We have installed HEPA air purification filters in each operatory. HEPA, which stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air, is a designation used to describe filters that are able to trap 99.97 percent of particles, virus that are 0.3 microns. HEPA filters consist of a complicated mix of filaments and fibers that carry a static charge which lures various microbes and particles like a magnet. The air changes about 12 times an hour with the HEPA filters we have installed.
  4. HAND SANITIZERS: Patients will be provided hand sanitizer as soon as they enter the office.
  5. TEMPERATURE CHECKS – We are checking temperature on all patients.
  6. ORAL RISE- Patients will be given an antiviral rinse before any treatment.
  7. CHECKING OXYGEN SATURATION WITH PULSE OXIMETER – Many patients have COVID-19 pneumonia but have not complained of breathing problems, they are not aware that something is slowly attacking their lungs. The infection is causing something called “silent hypoxia,” a form of oxygen deprivation that is difficult to detect. When COVID pneumonia first strikes, patients don’t feel short of breath, even as their oxygen levels fall. Normal oxygen saturation for most persons at sea level is 94 percent to 100 percent. COVID pneumonia patients can have oxygen saturations as low as 50 percent. Pulse oximeter will detect silent hypoxia. It could provide an early warning system for the kinds of breathing problems associated with COVID pneumonia. Patients with low oxygen saturation will be advised to reschedule their appt and get checked for COVID.
  8. DISINFECTION: All clinical surfaces (dental chair, arm rests, head rests, counters, trays, lights, stools) HAVE ALWAYS BEEN sterilized with an EPA approved disinfectant proven to kill enveloped viruses like COVID. Additional single use barriers HAVE ALWAYS BEEN used to provide additional protection ALL communal surfaces such as door knobs, counters, pens, credit card machines, bathrooms, etc. are disinfected routinely throughout the day using chemicals proven to kill bacterial and viral pathogens such as COVID.
  9. All magazines, reading material, and toys have been removed from the waiting room.
  10. Staff members are not allowed to be at work if they are ill or have been around someone experiencing flu- like symptoms. Staff members temperatures are taken daily.
  11. PLEASE come to your appt by yourself if you can. If you need to be accompanied by anyone else, please have them wait in the car. We will let them know when your appt is complete.

The health of our patients is always our top priority, and we look forward to attending to your dental needs. If you have any questions about our sanitation practices, the safety of our office , we encourage you to call our office at 360-844-6344.